• By Sam Parton
  • Posted Jul 30, 2012

Common Exercise Myths

There are four main common exercise myths Myth 1 - I don't need to warm up Personally I hate warming up, particularly stretching. However a warm-up raises your body temperature and prepares the body...

  • By Sam Parton
  • Posted Jul 28, 2012

Top 10 Crazy Sports from Around the World - OpenPlay's Collection of Bizarre Sports

The world really is a strange place. Nothing exemplifies this more than the bizarre world of sport. Here is a collection of our top 10 weird sports from around the world. They range from the whacky ch...

  • By Sam Parton
  • Posted Jun 20, 2012

South Park Tennis Courts in Fulham Review

  [caption id="attachment_216" align="alignleft" width="300"] South Park Tennis Courts are in excellent condition and are some of the best tennis courts in West London[/caption] OpenPlay Ra...

  • By Sam Parton
  • Posted Jun 10, 2012

Size of a Football Pitch Explained

There always seems to be some confusion over the actual size of a football pitch. Sometimes you find yourself playing on what feels like someone's back garden, the next week it feels like you are o...

  • By Sam Parton
  • Posted Mar 30, 2012

Training Tip 1 - Alternate Your Sets & Circuits

We're all busy people. We always seem to be working, commuting, eating, moaning, sleeping or pretending to work. Most of us just can't find the time to get down to the gym...or in my housemates' case,...

The Best Football Team Warm Up Guide
  • By Sam Parton
  • Posted Feb 17, 2012

The Best Football Team Warm Up Guide

Here are some prep notes for how your team can stamp an impression on any opposition and be raring to go for any football game. It can also be applied to other sports too. 1. GETTING OUT THERE...


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